No sequel to "Golden Compass"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Catholic League's Bill Donahue claims credit for getting the Phillip Pullman sequel film pulled.

POST SCRIPT: A pertinent question, I suppose, is: how would Bill Donahue react if atheists had boycotted and lobbied re. the first Narnia film - succeeding in getting sequels stopped - on the grounds that such films are Christian propaganda (C.S. Lewis was a fairly conservative Christian, Aslan represents Christ, the White Witch Satan, etc.) and, in particular, that the films represent those who fail to follow Aslan/Jesus - i.e. atheists - as morally weak and/or depraved and evil creatures in the grip of The White Witch/Satan.

If he would be somewhat disgusted (and I think he'd have a right to be, to be honest - damn, I'd be disgusted at such petty-minded, bullying censorship from atheists!), how would he square that with his crowing over (he claims) his success in getting the Pullman sequels stopped because of their supposedly implicit anti-religious message? Is it OK to be a bullying censor if it's in the cause religion, but not if in the cause of, say, atheism? I wonder what he'd say...