Alabama's Immigration law-Is it a role model for other States

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Republican Governor Robert Bentley said that they have a real problem with illegal immigration in the country. He also said that, -œI campaigned for the toughest immigration laws, I am proud of the Legislature for working tirelessly to create the strongest immigration bill in the country.- Bentley has signed into a law to curb illegal immigration in Alabama which is considered the toughest by all sections. Before reaching Bentley, the Bill passed the state House of Representatives and Senate by a huge margin. Some features of the law- -Public schools will determine the citizenship status of students. -Cops must detain any suspicious person and they can ask for relevant documents to prove his immigrant status. -transporting or harbouring any illegal immigrant will be treated as a crime -Employers will be penalized for recruiting any illegal resident without confirming the citizenship status. In such cases one may lose the license to run the business. -Businesses are directed to use data base called e-verify to confirm the immigration status of any new employee hired.

Advocates of Immigration rights have termed this law as draconian law. They pledge to challenge this law in the court. They plan to stop any such law implementation in other states too.

The farmers are worried of this law. They feel they the new law may limit their access to the farmers which are not readily available in the U.S. so easily.

Cecillia Wang, Director, American Civil Liberties Union's immigrants' Rights project says, -œThis law is an outrageous throw back to the pre-Civil era.-

The U.S. Supreme Court has supported a law at Arizona and instructed the employers to e-verify the incumbent employee. They also authorize the officials to revoke or dissolve the license of any business who hires illegal residents as employees.

Shah Farley, Legal Director of Alabama Appleseed(a legal advocacy organization), says, -œWe fear that the students might get harassed by this law.- He also observes the law as a burden on schools for collecting and verifying data.

On the other hand there are people in support of this law. William Gheen, President of ALIPAC has supported the law and said that only the mention of this law has led to -œmassive, peaceful and beneficial exodus of illegal immigrants.- He further adds, -œWe are asking our supporters in all 50 states to immediately deliver copies of Alabama's HB 56 to their state lawmakers.- He feels these copies would encourage passing a version of this law in each state.

Most of the laws were upheld by Judge Sharon Blackburn in the U.S. district Court. This has cleared the way for other states to implement the Alabama's law with little modification.

To fasten the process ALIPAC is circulating the copies of Alabama's HB 56 through online network. They are doing it to defeat illegal entities in the states. Organizations like them have supported the move to ensure security and safety of the States. They also aim to strengthen the man power of their own country.